Investment Casting

Investment Casting Applications :

  • • Agricultural equipment.
  • • Automobile components, on a very large scale.
  • • Baling and strapping equipment.
  • • Bicycles and motorcycles.
  • • Construction hardware and equipment.
  • • Computer hardware.
  • • Electrical equipment, electronic hardware and radar.
  • • Guns and armament.
  • • Pipe fittings for plumbing applications.
  • • Sports gear and recreational equipment.
  • • Textile machinery parts.
  • Investment Casting

    DELHI FOUNDRY is a young dynamic and professional manufacturing of INVESTMENT CASTING based in the famous Textile and Engineering city of Coimbatore (South Indian Manchester), Tamil Nadu, INDIA.
    The unit is being run by an experienced foundry engineering expert who has specialist experience of more than 40 years in Foundry Engineering both in India and United Kingdom. DELHI FOUNDRY Exports and manufacturing Investment casting is his brain child. With him team of professionals look after the manufacturing process, Sale and marketing, accounts, store functions etc.


    Investment casting is basically a metal shaping technique. It is a foundry practice by which high precision castings are manufactured. This is a specialized foundry technology and is considered a high - tech area; this process has gained popularity on the basis of the superior quality of the castings produced. In addition, more important is the fact that, the cost of a finished component produced by the investment casting process is less than or comparable to that of the conventional production techniques.
    The castings allow the production of components with accuracy, repeatability, versatility and integrity in a variety of metals and high-performance alloys. There are a variety of materials that can be used for the investment casting process, including stainless steel alloys, brass, aluminum, and carbon steel.

    Advantages of Investment casting :

  • 1. This is a high precision casting technique, hence, near net shapes; very near to the finished component is produced.
  • 2. Machining requirements for the finished component is reduced by up to 90%, substantially reducing machining and scrap cost.
  • 3. The process is extremely versatile; almost any intricate shapes, thin walls and tiny delicate components can be cast. This allows for extreme design flexibility.
  • 4. Excellent surface finish is a major advantage of this process.
  • 5. There are no metallurgical limitations for investment casting. Difficult to machine metals are best shaped by this process.
  • 6. The qualities of investment castings are markedly superior to other casting methods. This is an inherent advantage of the process.

    WAX/PATERN ROOM: Wax melted (WM-1000kg),Wax injection Machines WIM-12 ton, Cluster assembly tables.

    SHELL ROOM: Slurry mixture-SM HS,Slurry pot dia 550X600, Rainfallstucco machines, Fluidized bed stucco machine (setback up), Cluster handles, Shell drying trolleys.

    DEWAX: Hot water de-wax – 750 X 900.

    SHELL SINTERING: Shell firing furnace.

    KNOCKOT AND FINISHING: Abrasive Cutoff (table 5HP), 2 HP Pedicel Grinder, Dust Collector – 2 HP

    MELTING: Inductotherm- induction furnace – 100Kw/100kg, Digital – portable pyrometer, 250 kg electronic weighing scale.

    HEAT TREATMENT: Oil fired heat treatment furnace –IT

    FINISHING: 100 kg Tumblasting machine, 5 HP Compressor


    Our Investment Casting foundry unit has installed Capacity of 240 MT / Annum. Our Product range includes steel and alloy steels, non ferrous and special alloy castings in various sizes and weights from 50 grams to 30Kgs per piece for the petrochemical industry, power supply, earth moving, transportation and other engineering industries. We have stringent quality control system which confirms the product to meet the Indian and international standard like IS, ASTM, DIN, EN, BS standards or as per Customer specification.
    We have all facilities to produce various types of valves, and general engineering castings. Our highly equipped and well established production and quality assurance facilities help to utilize the installed capacity of 240 MT/Annum and to produce sound castings. We have a competent team consisting of highly qualified and experienced technical staff, who can take full charge of supervision of production and quality of casting.


    L.J. Exports Investment casting’s vision is to develop business contacts, supply Steel products and related service worldwide. We will earn our customers’ satisfaction providing outstanding quality, value and standardized products at competitive prices and service so that we satisfy every customer.


    To provide the highest standards of products and services in steel by employing best practices and methodologies garnered over years of hands-on experience. We have dedicated our knowledge and expertise to deliver quality and trust to our clients every time and strive for 100% customer satisfaction with highly trained and honest employees, while ensuring their success.

    Goals & Objectives

    Build the service division to ensure long term customer satisfaction. Develop mutually profitable and satisfying relationships with all suppliers and vendors. Attract, develop and retain staffs that are committed to their own growth, the growth of the company and customer satisfaction.

    Our Team

    We are backed by a team of technical and non-technical personnel who look after every aspect of production and business operations. Owning to the expertise and in depth knowledge of the professionals of our firm we are able to meet the Industry and as well as customer’s requirements with their help we are able us offer top notch quality metal castings and values within the promised time frame. Sales and Marketing professionals of our team bridging the gap between us and our customers. Beside they have enabled us to maintain long lasting relations with our clients.


    In ending we assure quality and our clients centric business policies have enable us to attain a respectable position in this competitive Industry. Giving optimum satisfaction to clients by providing them with superior quality casting and at industry leading price is the prime objective .Safe and prompt delivery of the products have helped us in becoming one of the most preferred choices of our clients.
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